YNot…. Change the World

“Change the World” a phrase my cynical side (yes, I have one) thinks is over used and quite frankly seems beyond reach to most. The truth is I am more idealistic than cynical and I believe WE can change the world. I love this song I posted because it is about making positive change by doing your part, even if it is limited.  I believe real change starts with what we look at, think about and talk about. It begins most times at a local level and takes action small and large acts.
There are so many problems in our world and my heart aches over all of them,  I find it very easy to talk about what is wrong so in the past several years I have tried to shift that focus to what could be done, what is possible.  I see so many others looking for the opportunities to make positive change and I believe as we shift our focus from what’s wrong to what is possible, we can make significant progress that does indeed change the world. 

Technology, communication, and plenty of funds (yes, they may not be deployed yet, but they are there) These things can eradicate many world problems; hunger, poverty, water, even education, faster than ever before.  It doesn’t happen with out intention, hard work and serious collaboration.  If you are missing what is being done, then change your news source and read about folks like Bill Gates who’s focussed on clean water: the impact of that is so huge it changes not only the death rate in these countries but impacts them economically.  Richard Branson and Virgin Unite, eradicating poverty in countries through small business and a young lady just eighteen years old speaking to kids about bullying, reaching out to the bullies as well as the victims.  I heard of several groups of twenty-somethings working to change education, another young lady with a traumatic brain injury who  creates products for others with her condition… the list goes on and on.  Some of them are clapping with one hand but that clap is powerful. As others join momentum is gained and before you know it the world has changed.
On what are you focused?   How can you make a positive move today that could effect positive change in someone’s life?   Please share a story of a world changing project here.
So... YNot… Change the World?  We can you know!

Dez Bonner