Find your Anchor Point

Find your Anchor Point



Anchoring is an archery term that refers to the position your draw hand takes as you pull back a bowstring. No matter who is shooting a bow no two archers’ anchor points are identical, as it is in archery so it is in business

Now, we don’t just automatically know our preferred anchor point and start there.  No, to reach our anchor point we must first take our stance, nock the arrow and start pulling back.  (from

Anchor Point Strategy is the methodology I use to pull back and assess who you are, what you want and  find your stance so that you can launch your arrows and hit your target.  Anchor Point Strategy is a comprehensive dive into what makes you you, what drives you, impassions you and defines success for you.  From the Anchor Point Session I create a 60-90day actionable plan and teach you how to find the resources needed to succeed.