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The Principle of Enough: 

Authentic Immersive Conversations

Yvette has the unique ability to bring open thoughts and opinions to cultivate healthy or dialogue and is uniquely skilled at getting people to share diverse opinions, cultivating a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.  The Principle of Enough events are designed as more of a fireside chat as Yvette facilitates a conversation with the audience.  


VALUE: The Great Disruptor: In an age disruptors, Yvette shares the ultimate disruptor: valuing others. Who, what and how we value impacts our companies, our communities and our personal lives.  It's taking diversity beyond checking the box, investing in others and seeking to understand them.  It's pursuing a greater good mind set and taking care of people to ultimately build stronger profits and lives.  What we value matters, it dictates our actions, so knowing your values is the foundational in creating better lives and a better world.

Blooming Business! The Real Power of Diversity: The greatest asset you have as an organization is your people and if you are trying to stay relevant in the market place the answer could be right under your nose.  This is an insightful look at diversity in the workplace and how going beyond checking the box can be the key to growing your company and engaging your people.

The Principle of Enough: A conversation about  living a life from a place of understanding that we are enough and there is enough. How could this change our quality of life, our relationships and decisions.  Our personal foundation of enough affects every aspect of our lives.

The Business of Enough: A conversation about success & moving beyond the zero sum game.  This talk engages the audience in a conversation about who and what defines success.  What values are we using to measure that success and at what cost or benefit?  Can you stay relevant and competitive with a greater good practice and mind set?

A Conversation about Success: Group conversation about defining success for ourselves and what influences have caused us to define success on inauthentic terms.  What choices do we make that compromise our value system for societal dictates.  Pressures, passions and possibilities are some of the conversation sparks for this engaging and liberating program.  

Kids These Days: A conversation with today's youth and college students about their thoughts, pressures and idea. This event engages the audience in acrucial conversation about what they are facing and what they want their world to be.

Deliciously Different by Design:  What if we were made to act and think differently?  How would that change the way you interact with others, seek to understand others and live more authentically?  This interactive workshop enables the audience to embrace their unique values as well as understand and value others. How can leaders inspire growth and deep change in areas such as self-esteem, bullying, diversity, and ethics. Offered as single workshop and/or or multi session curriculum.  This workshop will include special guest Jan Spivey Gillchrest on occasion.

So What's Next: Graduating, Divorcing, Retiring?  What is next, who am I, what do I have to contribute.  This workshop allows the audience to identify desires, callings and gifts and and practical steps to take action on their new path.


Y Not...

Fundamentals for Business & Leadership


Proof of Concept: This interactive workshop is designed to help you discover the necessary resources to prove your concept and create cash flow by opening your mind to creative possibilities.  Offered as single workshop and/or or multi session curriculum.


Leveraging the Individual Leadership in You: As the work force is becoming more autonomous it is more crucial than ever to tap into the individual drivers, gifts and talents.  This workshop is designed to help identify those drivers gifts and talents while providing a road map to success and the confidence needed to take that road.


Blooming Business! Leveraging Diversity and Differences for a Thriving Company:  The answers you are seeking in your company or organization may be right in front of you.  How can you tap into the diversity and uniqueness of your team to improve company culture and your bottom line. This team workshop is designed to train the leadership to leverage individual, backgrounds gifts and talents and train them in a way that gives them the confidence and roadmap to success.


Lumina Learning

For companies seeking a truly comprehensive training using psychometrics, this is the tool. Utilizing the Lumina Learning assessments it will further deliver an interpersonal experience for your entire team and create a much deeper understanding of themselves and those with whom they are working. Lumina Learning creates innovative psychometric specializing in organizational change and long-term improvement. By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as "human beings" rather than "human doings" Lumina Learning can help organizations transform their performance by transforming their people. The products and location are chosen as the best combination to open the mind, the heart and possibilities for each person as an individual as well as a key part of an organization.


Y Not...Retreats

Finding the Life that is Your Own

Shift: Feeling stuck?  Needing a new direction, fresh start?  This retreat is designed to allow you the time and space to reflect on what is not working and give yourself permission to shift that to the path that is flowing for you.  

Lean In:  Shut out the noise and all of the voices in your life and learn to truly listen.  Find your knowing place and lean in to the internal truth that is waiting quietly amongst the chaos for your attention.  No gurus here just facilitators to help you get quiet, be still and listen.